• should have AWS account

You can create one or more IAM users in your AWS account. You might create an IAM user when someone joins your team, or when you create a new application that needs to make API calls to AWS.

Programmatic access: The IAM user might need to make API calls, use the AWS CLI, or use the Tools for Windows PowerShell. In that case, create an access key (access key ID and a secret access key) for that user.

Steps to create IAM User from console:

  • Type the user name for the new user. This is the sign-in name for AWS.
  • Select the type of access this set of users will have.
    Select Programmatic access. This creates an access key for each new user. You can view or download the access keys when you get to the Final page.
  • Choose Next: Permissions.
  • On the Set permissions page, specify how you want to assign permissions to this set of new users. choose Attach Existing Policies Directly and in the Policy Filter type AmazonEC2FullAccess, you can choose any permission level, but in this example, I’ll click on the checkbox next to AmazonEC2FullAccess
  • Choose Next: Tags –> Next: Review to see all of the choices you made up to this point. When you are ready to proceed, choose Create user.
  • To view the users’ access keys (access key IDs and secret access keys), choose Show next to each password and access key that you want to see. To save the access keys, choose Download .csv and then save the file to a safe location. You will not have access to the secret keys again after this step.


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